Nicolas Cossette

nicolas cossette

director, client services

The bridge between clients and the production team, Nicolas makes sure to understand the business challenges of the clients to develop a viable strategy and action plan to help them achieve their goals. Highly aware that nothing can be accomplished alone, he is very focused on teamwork and believes that every project executed by nvi is the result of what every individual brings to the table. Nicolas has a Marketing degree from HEC Montreal and has many years of management experience. He also has a keen sense of organization. His work goes beyond websites; his goal is to understand the needs of clients and build lasting relationships.


Though Nicolas might seem reserved at first, don’t let his quiet disposition fool you! He has a great sense of humour and appreciates absurdity, irony and play on words…
Nicolas finds pleasure in the little moments in life and is fulfilled by the accomplishments of those around him. He is a proud father of two young children, and loves going on road trips with the whole family.