Simon Rouillier

simon rouillier

partner, business development



Simon Rouillier is the co-founder of nvi and is responsible for seeking new business opportunities as well as maximizing the online strategies of new clients. What began as a common passion for video games between Simon and his friend Guillaume, turned into a highly successful business partnership. From its humble beginnings, nvi has grown into the largest digital performance agency in Canada. After studying Pure and Applied Computer Sciences, Simon held a number of roles at nvi: from designer, web developer, strategist, Chief Operating Officer, to Director of Business Development. He did everything in his power to help get the company off the ground. What distinguishes nvi today is its focus on finding innovative solutions to offer the best return on investment to clients.


An energetic spirit, Simon was a competitive Starcraft player (real-time strategy video game) and won several world championships. He still loves getting his friends together on a Sunday to play. Over the years, he’s skateboarded and still goes out on occasion. A true thrill-seeker, Simon loves to go parachuting, bungee jumping and kite surfing.