Steeve Samson

steeve samson

team lead, programming



Steeve is the man behind the code at NVI, leading the programming team and ensuring that all website code is clean and flawless. He is involved in assessing clients’ web programming needs and determining optimal solutions to achieve their online goals. Steeve has programmed for Cesart, Bell, and Gesca, before taking the position at nvi. He strives to make a difference with his work, creating websites that are fast, efficient and easy to find. A perfectionist with an eye for detail, Steeve is constantly pushing to improve his work and deliver his best.


A disciplined individual with a strong work ethic, Steeve gives 100% in everything he does. No wonder he had the patience to learn how to solve the Rubik’s cube in just a couple of minutes! When Steeve needs to move around you’ll find him running, cycling or goaltending in hockey. Whether he’s at work or playing sports, his goal is to be an asset to his team!