Véronique Hébert Jean-Mary

véronique hébert jean-mary

director, human ressources



Véronique is responsible for managing internal Human Resources processes at nvi, supporting the nvi staff, and ensuring that company operations are clear and fair for all. After earning her Bachelor of Human Resources and Management at HEC, she worked in a range of industries including pharmaceutical and municipal. What attracted her to nvi was the opportunity to be part of a booming small business and the chance to take on more leadership responsibilities. Driven by new challenges and tight deadlines, Véronique feels energized under pressure. For her, nvi was the perfect fit. It offered an environment where employees are motivated, dedicated and constantly reinventing themselves.


Véronique is bright the moment she gets out of bed! She recently tapped into a passion for barbecuing and uses the grill as her canvas for trying new recipes and cooking techniques.

A true “human resource”, Véronique is always there to lend an ear and offer guidance to her loved ones. Her goal is to make a positive difference in society in any way she can.